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Pálinka Houses

Erős Pálinka Distillery

The Erős family name has meant one with the craftmanship of pálinka distillation for generations in the Jászság. The family business, founded in 1929, is one of the oldest distilleries of the country, where experiences have been going on from father to son for more decades alloying the pálinka master engineering knowledge and with today´s modern technology in the back. Tradition and dynamism are reflected in their work, so besides keeping the traditional so-called pot still distillation, with continuous innovation and development, as a result, they came out in 2016 with their own pálinkas under the name of Erős Pálinka, the essence of valuable fruit, the Pálinka of Jászság. Their aim is to keep the recognition – they already have – with their Pálinkas, and to represent the highest quality with the most magnificent aroma and flavour in each bottle. Their expertise is confirmed by the following products as well.

5100 Jászberény, Neszűr 12.
+36 20 661 2366
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Etyeki Czimeres Pálinka House

The production started in 2010 at the magnificent, eye-catching rolling hills of Etyek. Only Hungarian, flawless quality fruit is used with the most appropriate level of ripeness. They process underneath the ground with the aid of high technology. The fermented mash (cefre) is separated from the clean spirit in the Müller type of twin-distilling unit. Before bottling the raw spirit rests for a minimum of six months, at certain pálinkas they use also various wood types for maturing to enhance special flavour profile. Perfect for big family occasions as well in beautiful surroundings, ideal site for tastings and events.

2091 Etyek, Sóskúti út pincesor
+36 20 250 1292
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