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Aroma wheel of Red Williams Pear Pálinka

This year the Pálinka of the Ministry of Agriculture title was awarded for a Pálinka made of Red Williams Pear. That is the reason why we are presenting the characteristics of Williams Pear pálinka, those notes that determine most of all Red Williams Pear pálinkas.

Williams Pear creates a separate category among pálinkas made out of pome fruits separated from all other pears due to its uniqueness, special, outstanding aroma and taste. That is the reason why it is taken place in a different category. Whether “Yellow” or Red Williams pear pálinka is mentioned, compared to the other pears it is much more pronounced both in the nose and mouth. Its charmingly perfumed, intense, floral, oriental spicy, citrus like and skin tart aroma characters are easily recognizable. Owing to its special aroma world consumers like the pálinka made from it.

We hope, that during tasting each Williams pálinka the knowledge of this aroma wheel will help you to feel the aromas and smells of the „king of pears” in a more complex way.