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The aroma wheel of Apricot Pálinka

This year the Pálinka of the Ministry of Agriculture title was awarded for a product made of apricot for this reason, the characteristic’s that determine an apricot Pálinka are presented. The apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) contains many nutrients and phytochemicals. It consists of aromatic sugars, natural acids and a large number of volatile organic compounds. The full-ripened fruit contains the most sugar and sweetest, the esters giving fruity aromas are also predominant. Typical aromatic components of Pálinka are esters the reaction products of organic acids and alcohols formed during fermentation and distillation of the fruit.
The main aroma notes of an apricot Pálinka are the jam and sweet characters, but depending on the vintage, the type of fruit chosen and the way of production, many other aromas originally present in the fruit are transferred to the Pálinka as well. It is a matter of individual tasting and skills, what you smell or taste in a really good apricot Pálinka, however this aroma wheel can help you to discover and get to know it better.