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Pálinka Houses

Madarasi Pálinka House

Traditional process. 100% Hungarian fruit. Premium quality. The pálinka distillery has been operating since 1943 in Madaras and since 1960 it has been led by the Lakatos family. The fruit, grown on the Southern-Plain, is excellent thanks to the region’s climatic conditions; the pálinkas, that are made out of them have a very special flavour, aroma and savoury character, that create an extraordinary pleasure for the consumer. The outstanding quality of the Madarasi Pálinkas is assured by the flawless raw material, the good technology, the expert knowledge and the more than 50 years of experience. The first commercially made pálinka was bottled in September 2008 and they still distribute them under the „Madarasi Pálinka” name.

6456 Madaras Szent István u. 105.
+36 79 558 010
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Mályinka Pálinak Distillery

Without making compromises, the pálinkas have been produced using professional knowledge and experience since 1978 at the foothills of Bükk. The pálinkas are made with the traditional wood fired, red copper distiller and fine distiller caldrons, which today represent and preserve museum value. All aspects of the work are personally overseen: from the preparation of the fruit to the process of fermentation, slow and gentle distillation and special aging until the bottling. The ‘Mályinkai Pálinka’ is produced in limited numbers, perfect for presents, hand bottled in gift box, all of which enhance the quality of the pálinka – thus the value of the ’Hungarikum’. The product, highlighted here, received the highest esteem awarded by the professionals, since it has been chosen the best pálinka of Hungary in 2017.

3645 Mályinka, Árpád út 9.
+36 20 575 5516
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Márkházi Pálinka Distillery

Márkáza is a beautifully sitated dead-end village, on the Mátra side of the Cserhát mountain. The entrepreneurship was establiched in this settlement, an association, where the members of the fondation are bound by century old fiendxhip. The aim of the Márkázi Pálinka Distillery is to create special quality pálinkas by selected Hungariuan fruit without compromises. Their guiding principles are dual: quality and innovtion. Combining the advanteges of the two step small pot and the modern one way thecnology, beside the boiling and distilling pot, they also use fractionating column for the the very first time in Hungary in extending the distillation process into three stages. The way, how they achieve truly characterful, rich flavour, yet respecting the tradition and reach out for a wide audience of pálinka lovers.

3075 Márkháza, hrsz.05/2
+36 30 311 0830
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Márton Pálinka Distillery

What makes a special Hungarian product world-class? The answer can be found in any of the bottles of Márton Distillery. The pálinka master distiller’s love, passion towards professionalism, the selected fruits, raw materials and last, but not least the joy of experimenting all meet in there. János Márton considers the creation of pálinka and other fruit distillates as his passion from 1991. True to a master the products are polished every year more and more towards perfection, the quality is confirmed by several dozens of domestic and international awards. There are flavours like raspberry or Irsai Olivér grape pálinka, which are mentioned with the same breath as his name. The distillery of Márton and Daughters is a true family manufactory – in the most noble sense of the word – the unique flavours and the unmatched quality of their products symbolize what worldwide quality means in the world of spirits.

7045 Györköny, Községi rét hrsz 371.,

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