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Pálinka Houses

1Csepp Pálinka Distillery

For the pálinka distillery they renovated a 100 year old „machine house” on Hegykő, at the Fertő Hanság National Park. Their visual distillery received in 2014 the „most beautiful house at the Fertő area” recognition. In their family friendly environment they combine the traditions of distilling with the most modern technology. With energetic appearance their goal is to introduce this fantastic national beverage to the younger generation as well and to let them realize the myriad of fruit flavours. Their most prestigious award so far was the Zenit grape – Late sour cherry blend, which was awarded as „The best pálinka in Hungary in 2015”. Beside this they are proud to have dozens of gold medals and several Champion award pálinkas.

9437 Hegykő, Fertő utca 084/74
+36 20 931 0306
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Csalló Pálinka Manufactury

At the border of Balatonalmádi, the distillery is situated in the picturesque Vödörvölgy, they have been contract distilling since 1999 and since 2005 they have also been bottling their own branded products.

The family company is dedicated to the traditional pot-still distilling, but doesn’t discard the modern techniques and their self-developed, innovative technologies either.

Their commitment towards renewable energy and green solutions is proven, as they use natural compost, return pomace by permission and reuse cooling water. They are happy to receive visitors, gourmets on their well-shaded tasting terrace, as well as offer a distillery visit with tasting through prior bookings.

8220 Balatonalmádi, Vödörvölgyi út
+36 30 9471811
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Czetis House Pálinka Manufactury

The Czetis House can be found in a small village in Vértes, in Szár. Unique in Hungary, the distilling equipment – which was made by individual design – of a functional part of the house´s restaurant. Within the spirit of the distillery, in the very best sense of meaning, it follows the Swabian customs of the village with their “blue coloured spectacular distillery”. Due to the well-founded ground, sedulous work and their aim, which is to create the very best quality of their pálinkas, they dazzled the consumers in 2015, right in the very first year of the company. The excellent quality of their products got recognized by the professional community as well, when their pálinkas received a number of awards on national and international competitions thanks to the rich and clean flavour profile, as well as elegance. Their motto: “Czetis House – the culture, the gastronomy and the home of pálinka in Szár.”

2066 Szár, Rákóczi Ferenc utca 94
+36 22 353 3862
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Cruxx Gemina Wines&Spirit

The pálinkas of Cruxx Gemina are made in their distillery, which was established in 2011 in Nagykeresztúr in Nógrád county, using first and foremost berries and wild fruits, that are typical for the region. The distillery also produces traditional products, but always focuses on premium quality. With their activities they try to strengthen the region’s fruit growth and processing, with their technical and spiritual infrastructure, they provide the development of quality fruit production and the control of the processing. The creative wines and liqueurs, made out of real fruits, are the part of their product portfolio. With their innovative and new products, they wish to show the unique rich flavours of the region and the country, the endless possibilities, which lie in the fruits.

3129 Nagykeresztúr 0221.
+36 32 395 111
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