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The Pálinka of the Ministry of Agriculture 2020

Árpád and Vadász Pálinka – Árpád palinka farm and the Red Williams Pálinka

In their family, pálinka making dates back five generations at the headquarters of their company in Békéscsaba. Passion for pálinka has always been an essential part of their lives, so knowledge was passed down from generation to generation and this is how ÁRPÁD PÁLINKAs were made – at first only for their own consumption. In 2008, Árpád Nagy and Mónika Hegedűs, the sibling couple of the youngest adult generation at the time, decided to raise the family’s hobby activities to a higher level and transform the small pálinka distillery into a commercial pálinka distillery.


Mónika Hegedűs and Árpád Nagy

Respect for traditions and constant innovation are present in their lives at the same time. The siblings work by supporting, complementing, and inspiring each other’s work. Árpi is responsible for the production, the cultivation of plums, as well as the procurement of other fruits, the masterful pálinka making and the production. For trade, marketing and product development activities, Móni tries to make the hungaricum made by them available to as many Hungarians as possible, as well as to foreigners interested in the gastronomy of our country. The name Árpád passed from father to son in the family, as did the love of pálinka, according to their Grandmother, at least five generations of male members had previously used this old Hungarian name. The company’s choice of brand name was inspired by family traditions and, of course, respect for grandfather and father. This is how the already wellknown Árpád Pálinka Ranch, which also includes a show distillery, was born. The tradition of palinka making has been combined with the tradition of the construction culture of Békéscsaba, as the building reflects the special feature of the Slovak folk architecture of Békéscsaba with the front or gable design. The Békéscsaba manufactory in the homeland of plums also tries to make good use of the peculiarities of the region in their work. With the six-hectare, self-planted plum plantation, they guarantee that all Plum Pálinkas are literally born in their hands. Árpád Lepotica Plum Pálinka is one of their most famous products today, because this plum variety tastes much more floral and honey than other known species. Since the re-establishment of their business, the main aspect has been high, reliable quality, which is associated with a unique image and value-creating innovations. Their company’s philosophy is characterized by the use of the best quality raw materials, the application of high-level technology and the professional knowledge and experience that creates the uniqueness of pálinka. According to their creed, “Making real pálinka is an art.” All the secrets of this art must be possessed by the master who makes the pálinka. No two pálinkas are alike, each bearing the signature of its creator. They always strive to come up with something new that can help build a pálinka culture while satisfying the needs of those who like traditional consumer habits in taste and impact. They would also like to bring the younger generations of today closer to real pálinka and make delicacies to their liking – both in appearance and taste.

This is how they considered the Red Williams Pear Pálinka chosen for the Pálinka of the Ministry of Agriculture. Pálinka captivates the flavours of fruit in a way that no other drink can. There are many good pálinkas in Hungary, but there are also some of the best ones. We work to ensure that ÁRPÁD PÁLINKA is one of the highest quality, best pálinkas and is given a worthy place in today’s cultured pálinka consumption. There is no better confirmation that in 2016 their Premium Red Williams Pálinka was chosen as the Country’s Pálinka and in 2020 Premium Red Williams Pálinka earned the most prestigious recognition again.

Árpád Nagy, Owner and Norbert Erdős, Minister of State