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Pálinka Houses

Zimek Pálinka Manufactury

The Zimek Pálinka Manufactory started to operate in 2005 in Zamárdi. The distillery works to this very day with the mission in mind, that from the fruits grown around the Balaton, high quality pálinka shall be produced. The Zimek brand has received a number of awards and recognition amongst the pálinka lovers and expert judges during the last 11 years. Several outstanding achievements were reached on national and international competitions as well, and they were awarded three times the best pálinka distillery workshop of Hungary. The business is led by a new ownership, which is committed beside the founding philosophy and sees it as important to increase the fame of the premium pálinkas on the national, but also international scene. The philosophy: „Fresh fruit, clean water, expertise, tradition”.


8621 Zamárdi Endrédi út 061/24. HRSZ.
+36 84 545 034
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Zsindelyes Pálinka Distillery

The Zsindelyes Pálinka Distillery started to operate in 1984 as a family business in Érpatak in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county. The name of the distillery recalls the classical roof material (“zsindely” meaning “shingle” in English) of the region, hence highlighting the traditional pálinka distillation as well. Through strict quality expectation and professional precision the outstanding flavour profile and the aromas create their pálinkas, making them one of the most well-known brands of the country. Their tasting house is like a museum, here the object of the industrial, historical time tells stories about the past pálinka production and the pictures explain the story of the Zsindelyes Pálinka Distillery. All can be experienced by the visitors, accompanied by excellent pálinkas and traditional food – like the stuffed cabbage á la Szabolcs style.


4245 Érpatak Zsindelyes Tanya 1
+36 42 290 325
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