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Pálinka Houses

Nobilis Pálinka Distillery

The Nobilis Pálinka farm is situated at the foot of the Vértes Mountains and is hidden away amongst the peaceful and quiet villages at the boundary of the nature preserve forests. The mission of the well-looked-after orchard is to produce the best raw material for pálinka production. Each bottle contains at least 6 kgs of noble fruit and – in the interest of obtaining the optimal alcohol content – water, which originates from a karst spring situated at the foot of the Vértes as well. This way, all Nobilis pálinkas become 100% natural. The apricot, the plum, the pear, the apple and the sour cherry turn into a noble spirit in the distillery of the Pálinka farm where both the most sophisticated technologies and the traditions are used for the distillation. In recognition of the profession several of their products own Champion and Pálinka Excellency titles.

2066 Szár József Attila u. 066 HRSZ
+36 22 353 838
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