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Pálinka Houses

Bánki Pálinka House

The Bánki Pálinka House is a family venture, established through a green field investment, which started to operate in 2012 in Dunakeszi. At the distillery they work with the traditional small pot equipment, creating quality pálinkas. According to their philosophy the most important is – when producing pálinka – to wake up the very spirit of the fruit. The aim of their pálinka is, after gaining a full life from the fruit, to accomplish the task, for which the fruit was previously grown; to dazzle the consumer by its unique flavour profile.

2653 Bánk, Hrsz. 024/17/A
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Birkás Pálinka Distillery

The people in the hilly countryside of Vasi Hegyhát have cultivated the plants and fruits since ancient times, from the excellent fruits there is a possibility to create pálinka. The family business was founded in 1990 by the owner couple in Győrvár, back then contract distilling took place and from the year of 2006 they operate as commercial distillery as well. Today they distribute under the brand of Birkás Pálinka their products. In their pálinka house in Győrvár the pálinka is produced traditionally in copper pot with modern equipment, they supervise every step of the production, thus they are able to guarantee the outstanding quality of every bottle. The good quality of the product is confirmed by the results of several competitions. Visitors have the chance to follow the chain of production. In their tasting house customers are spoiled by pálinka tasting. The Birkás family welcomes guests all year around.

9821 Győrvár, 435 Hrsz.
+36 30 256 3066
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Bolyhos Pálinka Distillery

The Bolyhos family, following the ideas of the founder, László Bolyhos, has been dealing with pálinka distillation since 1994 in their factory in Újszilvás. Owing to the development, in accordance of the requirements of the European Union, they have conducted commercial distillation since 2003 as well. Their aim is the pálinka to become an appreciated, regularly and responsibly consumed national drink again. Beside the traditional pot still distillation, they also distillate with aroma column equipment in the pálinka distillery, which is bottled mainly as 40 and 50 proof bedded pálinkas. The excellent qualitied pálinkas made from fruit bedded with their own dry fruit. They built an unique fruit drier on their own in 2018. The Party box products were developed for the 25 birthday of the company. This pack was awarded with a special prize at a competition called „Hungaropack 2020”. In their pálinka shop in Újszilvás, more than 200 products of the pálinka distillery can be viewed and purchased. In their summer and winter pálinka tasting room, they welcome their dear guests to one of their pálinka tasting programs.

2768 Újszilvás, Bicskei út 34.
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Brill Pálinka House

Brill Pálinkaház is a family-owned manufactory where they have been making special pálinkas and distillates since 2000. The distillery is located in Tolna county, in a quiet environment, only 10 minutes from Szekszárd, in the village of Harc. Their motto is “Pálinka is an experience” – according to which they try to reveal the wonders of nature in front of their consumers in every drop of a pálinka. Their main goal is to showcase the purest flavors and aromas that could have been created in grapes, grape marc, fruit or even vegetables. Beside the continuous research of the possibilities of pálinka and gastronomy, they also disseminate the experiences inherent in this to be able to offer more than a glass of pálinka. In recognition of their outstandingly high professional work, they have already won four “Hungary’s Best Pálinka” and two “Hungary’s Most Successful Pálinka Distillery” titles.

7172 Harc Siófoki u. 21.
+36 74 437 123
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