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News | Vasi vadkörte pálinka (Wild pear pálinka of Vas) became protected

Vasi vadkörte pálinka (Wild pear pálinka of Vas) became protected

2018. March 26.

Within the framework of the Protection of Geographical Indications Program, Wild Pear Pálinka of Vas got the national protection – announced by Sándor Fazekas the Minister of Agriculture, on Wednesday in the House of Hungarian Pálinka.

Sándor Fazekas highlighted: through the Wild Pear Pálinka of Vas, a new pálinka region became one of the production regions of fruits. The Minister recalled: the Ministry of Agriculture took aim in 2014, to get geographical indication for as many Hungarian food and drink as possible. Hereby, they can appear in a proper quality both in the domestic and international market. With this in mind, the Protection of Geographical Indications Program was initiated in 2015.

The Ministry of Agriculture pays special attention to all important production regions of the country to get geographical indication. It is important for Hungary to be able to take all opportunities given by the European Union’s geographical indication regulations – with the proper legal and professional background.

Németh Zsolt, State Secretary of Environmental Affairs, Agricultural Development and Hungaricums, said wild pear is a special fruit, which has been known and liked since the antiquity. When the decision was made about the geographically indicated pálinka of the region, wild pear was chosen because it is one of the most common wild fruit of the region.

The owner of the producer, Birkás Pálinka House, Birkás István stated: giving geographical indication to the wild pear pálinka of Vas, a locally known value got protection.

In 2016, 965 thousand hectolitre degree pálinka was traded, compared with 2015 where this number was 908 thousand hectolitre degree of 2015. (One hectolitre degree is equal to 2 litre 50% pálinka.) Last year, the amount of the contract distilled spirits were 4,3 million hectolitre degree, while in 2015, it was 4,8 million hectolitre degree.