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The hosts of the Program 2016-2018

2018 – Komárom

Dear Reader,

As Mayor of Komárom town, I would like to thank the honourable  opportunity, that our town could host the National Pálinka Tasting Event in 2018, and the participants had a chance to get to know a little bit our settlement as well. Nowadays it is not only known for its fortress system, thermal water or the Hungarian Horseriding Theater, which is based in the town, but the name is also closely attached to the former military town, Brigetio. Further on Komárom is a town along both sides of the Danube, situated in two countries, which belongs together, despite of the stormy historical part. Its inhabitants are not only connected through numerous economical and cultural ties, but also friendship, love and mutual respect. The town has great tradition in the distillation of pálinka, which means nothing less, than the Pálinka of Komárom can be offered to those, who arrive to the town. It was a great pleasure for us to host the three-day event within the walls of the Monostor Fortress, setting up an ideal place for the pálinka judges to assess the very finest samples, made by the best masters of pálinka distillers. In the name of myself and my collaborating colleagues, I hope, that the few days spent at our place, added enough experience to our guests to come back at a later time, and for the others it raised the interest in our town to visit us.

I wish, that we shall greet many of you in one of the most dynamically developing little towns of our country, in Komárom!

Attila Molnár Dr.

Mayor of Komárom

2017 – Esztergom

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the name of Esztergom I would like to thank the excellent opportunity, that in 2017 the first capital of Hungary could host the competition of the most outstanding pálinkas. As a host we also paid attention that the participants could have a little taste of Saint Stephan´s city, I believe, that in Esztergom such an essence got created of the thousand year of Hungarian Christianity, which is almost tangible. Esztergom and the surroundings are not only rich in cultural and historical heritage, but also wealthy in really good fruits, hence the pálinka distillation has its own traditions as well. Although there were local pálinka master distillers in our town previously as well, many started out of joy to distil pálinka due to the favourable legal background. In our town we believe that in our everyday’s decision there must also be the wisdom of our ancestors, and in a good pálinka there are all the knowledge, respect and tradition, which elevated it to the hungaricums, aromas of fruit orchards, captured in a bottle. During the event we became richer and more experienced in the world of pálinkas, yet I do hope that thanks to the program we can welcome even more of you in the town of Saint Stephan, at the cradle of Hungary, in Esztergom!

I wish You a pleasant and joyful time in getting to know the pálinkas!

Etelka Romanek

Mayor of Esztergom

2016 – Mezőkövesd

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Mezőkövesd is a community with 17 thousand inhabitants at the meeting point of Bükkalja and the Great Plain (Alföld), which was first mentioned in writing in 1275.  The image, the structural and architectural notes of Mezőkövesd point to a developed agricultural, industrial and cultural-touristic identity. The thermal water of the Zsóry Spa, the rich matyó folklore treasure -that has been listed since 2012 on the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO – and the vibrant cultural life made our community rightfully well-known in Hungary, Europe and beyond. The town´s churches proclaim the religious spirit of our ancestors and the people, who live here today; the respect towards our ancestors is shown through the museums and rich collections. Because of this it was a tremendous honour for us that the organizers have chosen us as location for the National Pálinka Tasting of 2016. I hope that, Hadas township with its old structural elements of the skansen, the original houses made a worthy surrounding for the national competition. With the organizers – the Pálinka National Council and the Vice State Secretary for Protected Origin of the Ministry of Agriculture – we worked together several weeks before the competition has started, so that everything runs smoothly. I hope, everyone spent a good time in Mezőkövesd, left with a satisfied and pleasant experience, got to know the famous hospitality of the “matyók”.

We invite and welcome back every participant into the capital of Matyóföld, to get to know more about our place!

Zoltán Fekete Dr.

Mayor of Mezőkövesd