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News | Hungarian Pálinka, our national spirit is sold in over 76 countries on five continent

Hungarian Pálinka, our national spirit is sold in over 76 countries on five continent

2018. March 26.

Pálinka is sold in over 76 countries – it was announced by the Minister of Agriculture at the award ceremony of the National Competition in the Parliament.

Sándor Fazekas pointed out: the Ministry of Agriculture first announced the National Pálinka of Excellence program in 2014, following the model of the National Wines of Excellence Program. Since 2015, it is organized together with the National Pálinka and Pomace Pálinka Competition a competition organized by the the National Pálinka Council (abbreviation in Hungarian: PNT).

The Minister highlighted: while in 2010, the number of pálinka distilleries in the country were little more than 500, now this number is about 600. The numbers of commercial distilleries have increased from 72 to 138 as well. The samples submitted to the competition have also increased. This year, from 43 Pálinka House 382 samples arrived. The number of samples reaching the title of Pálinka Excellency shows the success of the program. In all, 115 got awarded this title, while 46 got awarded TOP Pálinka Excellency – as pointed out by Sándor Fazekas.

Mihályi László, the president of PNT said: the quality of the submitted pálinkas which are signed up for the competition is getting better each year. The number of the awards shows this too: 110 gold, 144 silver and 66 bronze medals were awarded. In 2017, Konkordi-Izabella Grape Pálinka of the Mályinka Pálinka Distillery has been chosen the Best Pálinka of Hungary.

The president of PNT said: last year a little bit more than 1,9 million litre pálinka was produced, while the year before this number was 1,8 million litre.