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(HU) Pálinkák

Irsai Olivér Grape Pálinka

Pálinka Excellency 2018

The reserved nose shows blossom and kernel oily character. Crunchy grape berry flesh and fine fruitiness pop up on the palate, accompanied by some kernel oiliness. Despite of the high alcohol, it opens up just nicely, very intense Muscat tone appears on the finish, which makes it
a memorable product.


  • 0.35l
  • 61%
  • 5.000 - 7.500 HUF
  • 101-200-hlf

Quince Pálinka

Pálinka Excellency 2018

The elegant, lively, light product is full of fresh fruit. The nose recalls clove, vanilla, citrus and Muscat tone. Soft spicy, compote touch appears on the palate, underlined by cinnamon and anise. Nice, consumer friendly pálinka with finesse and long finish.

LOT L: BI 18/2

  • 0.5l
  • 43%
  • 5.000 - 7.500 HUF
  • 201-300 hlf