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News | Pálinka National Tasting of 2017

Pálinka National Tasting of 2017

2018. March 26.

Pálinka National Tasting is a competition, a blind tasting evaluation, which aims to increase the reputation and popularity of our national drink, pálinka. Also, to promote the presence of quality pálinka in the domestic and international market through the results achieved. The organizers of the Pálinka National Tasting are the Pálinka National Council and the Ministry of Agriculture.

We are happy to inform you that we announce the Pálinka National Tasting of 2017, the sample submissions deadline is 2017.05.15. (Friday) 12 o‘clock. We are looking forward to receive your Pálinka Samples for the Competition.

Within the framework of the National Tasting, the National Pálinka and Pomace Pálinka Competition of 2017 and the National Pálinka of Excellence Program of 2017 is organized.

Submission deadline: 2017.05.05 12 o’clock

The samples should be sent to National Food Chain Safety Office, Department for Oenological and Alcoholic Beverages (NÉBIH BAII) either in person, through the post or with mail order service together with the completed entry forms.

Postal address: H-1118 Budapest, Budaörsi út 141-145.

In person: NÉBIH BAII 1118 Higany utca 2, in customer service time (Monday-Thursday: 8.00-15.30, Friday: 8.00-12.00)

We would like to raise your attention to the Excellency Program regulation, in main categories (8) only 2 of best products are allowed to be published at the fullest in the Hungarian Pálinkas of Excellence publication, which means in total a maximum of 16 different products.

If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact us: